About Sipaway

Sipaway Island is otherwise know as Refugio Island or the Island of Refuge.
According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary, refuege means shelter or protection from danger or distress.
Befitting of its name, Sipaway Island is a perfect desitination for those who seeks refuge, may they be local or foreign guests.
Aside from white sand beaches another point of interst on Sipaway Island is Century Old Balete Tree.

The tree is huge, eerie and mysterious. It is located inside the Sipaway Island Elementary School Campus.
The school also houses a Gabaldon type heritage structure.
Along its lavish mangrove forest is the Sipaway Mangrove Eco-park
which is both a mangrove walk and a bird-watching site.

The weather and temperatures in Sipaway

Diving in Sipaway is good all year round. The visibility is not much affected by the seasons, ranging
anywhere between 10m on a very bad day and 30+m on good days. So, in our opinion, we can not
really recommend a special month where diving is best.

Cool & dry season (December to February)

Temperature in daytime is around 32C.
Temperatures in night time drops to 23 – 25C. There are occasional rain showers.
The water is a bit cooler, 26 – 27C.

Hot & dry season (March to May)

Temperature in daytime about 32C. It does not cool off very
much in the evening; you can expect also 30 – 32C during most of the nights. The water is
only a bit cooler, 27 – 29C. It rains very seldom, sometimes not in weeks.

Rainy season (June to November)

Temperature in day time about 32C. There is not a strong
rainy season. Usually it’s bright sunshine in the morning and a short but strong and refreshing
downpour in the night.
Between September and December the Philippines are sometimes hit by typhoons.
These typhoons follow a regular path, which leads over the islands of Samar to Luzon ( Manila ) further on
to China , Hong Kong or Japan . Sipaway is outside this typhoon belt but sometimes
we are affected by overcast and some rain for a couple of days.

Transfers – How to get to Sipaway

From the Cebu Mactan airport take a car to Toledo. The most convenient way to get to Sipaway
is to let us arrange your transfers. We provide reliable aircon cars. If you are up to some adventure, you can
hire a taxi at the airport. Be prepared for some bartering and some hidden costs, like to pay for the gasoline
at the gas station. Once in Toledo, take the farry boat to San Carlos.
Here there will be our customer boat ready to welcome you for the transfer to the Whispering
Palms Resort, where there is our diving center.