Dive Master Course

PADI Divemaster Course

The PADI Divemaster course is undoubtedly the biggest step a diver can take. The course is wide reaching in its content and will fully prepare you for the role of a professional divemaster. Whether you intend to work as a dive professional or not, there is no doubt that after this course you will have realized new levels of diving knowledge and awareness, learned valuable lessons applicable in many aspects of life and had an experience to remember for a lifetime! Working closely with your ‘mentor’ instructor you will complete the following course sections: Extensive knowledge development module – covering physics, physiology, decompression theory, the role of a divemaster, risk management and the dive industry among other things.

  1. Course Introduction
  2. Supervising Certified Divers – two parts
  3. Assisting Students in Training
  4. Dive Theory – Physics
  5. Dive Theory – Physiology
  6. Dive Theory – The Recreational Dive Planner
  7. Dive Theory – Equipment
  8. Dive Theory – Skills and Environment
  9. Divemaster Conducted Programs
  10. Risk Management
  11. The Business of Diving
  12. Your Diving Career

A Water skills and stamina module

rescue skills, swimming tests and developing your ability to demonstrate the basic dive skills.

  1. 400m free swim
  2. 800m snorkel
  3. 100m tired diver tow
  4. 15-minute ‘survival tread’
  5. Demonstration of 24 scuba skills you learned in your course

Practical application module

mapping a dive site, underwater problem solving, divemaster conducted programs, supervising certified divers and assisting student divers etc.

  1. An underwater problem solving exercise
  2. A Rescue Evaluation
  3. Make an Underwater Map
  4. Prepare an Emergency Assistance Plan
  5. Conduct a PADI program
  6. Assists divers and students in confined and open water

One of the most enjoyable aspects of the course is working alongside our team of instructors. This gives a valuable insight into the workings of a busy and professional dive operation. You will really feel like a part of the team! The course takes 10 – 14 days to complete and you can take optional extra ‘experience’ weeks to practice your skills! There is a lot of theory involved, so make sure you have prepared your theory before the course starts. The minimum age is 18 and you must be a PADI Rescue Diver or have another qualifying certification. You must have logged 40 dives to start divemaster training and 60 dives to be certified. What’s next? If you plan to work as a full or part time dive professional, then PADI Instructor training will provide the next challenge and make you even more employable. But even if you don’t, Instructor training provides a great insight into the dive industry and teaches skills useful beyond dive instruction.

Divemaster Experience Weeks

An opportunity to spend time around one of our busy stores working as a DM and instructional assistant, the week includes:

  1. Planning a day diving
  2. Planning a day trip – if not possible run through it
  3. Signing divers in
  4. Organizing dives, boats and instructors schedule of the day
  5. Act as equipment sales counselor in the shop
  6. Leading a variety of different divers to different sites both with or without direct supervision
    • Plan and lead a dive with Experienced divers
    • Plan and lead a dive with Less experience divers
    • Plan and lead a Deep dive
    • Plan and lead a Night dive
    • Plan and lead a dive with Discover Scuba Dive or Discover Scuba Diving follow up dive
  7. Lots of in-water time!