Fluorescent Night Diving

Fluorescent Night Dive Sipaway

Fluorescent (Fluo), Night Diving, is a “new” approach to night diving .

Divers are taking a new look at familiar dive sites in a new light. On a fluo dive, you use a “blue light” to illuminate features of the dive site.

Fluorescent night diving is a whole new experience

When viewed with a yellow filter, the items seem to glow but with colors unlike those seen by the naked eye in daylight or at night with a normal dive light.You will see something entirely different, the colors and complexity can be overwhelming.

The marine life that might seem dull and gray during the day might look like a riot of colors at night. A pale yellow piece of coral is now fire red and a glowing beauty of form and color.

There are dozens of television shows centered around the process of Crime Scene Investigation. They always have someone walking around with a special flashlight with either a filter above it or they are wearing strange sunglasses. They are using a UV light and a filter, to see items emitting light that are not visible in normal light.

Distinctive Fluorescent Night Diver specialty training course

During the course, divers can experience the underwater realm in a totally new way and see creatures in a new light.

Instead of using traditional dive lights, divers learn how to use UV diving lights. The lights use a blue light with a yellow filter; this brings out colors that can’t be seen by the naked eye. This fluorescence is because many marine animals and corals absorb UV light (blue) and then remit it at a different wavelength generating some striking colors that are otherwise invisible.

The course is is open to any diver who holds an open water license. While previous night diving experience is recommended,