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We have a complete selection of quality dive equipment to purchase.

MARES Dive Computers

Every diver should use a dive computer for these reasons

  • It makes your dive safer by constantly telling you your No-Decompression-Limit (NDL). Also by giving you an alarm if you ascend to fast.
  • It makes you a more confident diver. It takes out guess work and you get reliable feedback during your dive.
  • It gives you more time. By constantly recalculating your NDL it just gives you more bottom time to enjoy the marine life.
  • Flying after diving:The computer tells you to the hour how long you should wait until you board a plane.

Other scuba diving gear we usually have on stock

  • AQUALUNG Tropical wetsuits 3mm neoprene – shorty size S to XL, for men and women.
  • Boots hi-cut; size 6 – 12
  • Mask and snorkel in sets and individual
  • Fins
  • Flash lights, torches
  • Regulators,
  • Other dive accessories

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