Sipaway Dive Spots

Dive Spots around Sipaway

Diving in Sipaway is better than ever before and the dive spots around Sipaway Island they are the best sites for underwater photographers.

House Reef with Wreck

Our house reef is just about 10m from the dive shop. The reef drops from 3m down to 30m. To make a dive at our house reef, just grab your Divemaster, your dive equipment and off you go, diving has never been easier! You can dive our house reef anytime, day and night.

House Reef wrecks have created an artificial reef, attracts a multitude of corals and fishes.

The stable superstructure of the wrecks resembles the same characteristics as a real coral reef. Inside create protected areas, thus providing shelter for invertebrates and a multitude of marine organism.

Highway to Hell

A spectacular dive of San Juan reef, for experienced divers .It’s with the summit about 15m below the surface.and descent long a beautiful wall to 40m. U/w photographers love to shoot pictures in this area where occasionally you can find a pygmy seahorse.

Dilui, Whispering Wall, Whispering Caves, San Juan Dako, Allan’s Place, Camote Wall and others

Sipaway dive spots along the coastline of the island. These impressive dive sites are home to an extraordinary array of coral, ferns, anemones, sponges and a swarming host of brightly colored fish. Groupers, lion fish ,sea snakes are among the common encountered residents. All dives are superb wall dives, with some small caverns and swim throughs, an interesting underwater topography as well as the most colorful reef creatures imaginable. And all dive spots can be reached with a short banca-ride of only 10-20 minutes.

Live to Dive, Dive to Live!
Sipaway Divers