Hello friends and greetings from the Philippines! Today we want to talk about the special partnership of our dive center with a brand new Italian portal dedicated to travel and last minute. Let’s talk about
Milast is a search engine for last minute trips and not only that it is having an incredible success; thanks to a direct contact with the structures and a constantly updated database of offers, with Milast it is possible to find the best offers on the market and start saving considerable amounts, both at the last minute level, and at the level of classic offers; sifting through the site we even managed to find opportunities that are not accessible through traditional portals.

We immediately became interested in this reality and its viral growth; In fact, thousands of people are already visiting their website and their social media channels every day in search of the real deal. All thanks to word of mouth and positive user experiences.
Milast then, in addition to travel offers much more: detailed local guides, a human interface capable of responding to all our travel needs to advise us and guide us towards the destination or package that is most suitable for us, as well as information content very useful.

For example: how much can the price of a hotel really go down? How much does half board or full board affect? Does the price of the offer that interests us reflect the cost of living in our destination country? And again: are last minute or early birds better? How can a real last minute be recognized by an offer that last minute is not?

A great archive of very useful knowledge that makes us and will make us more aware travelers and certainly more able to find the right offer for our needs, in a jungle of commercials and proposals that often everything is not convenient.

Continue to follow us and follow Milast, soon you will also find our offers on his channels. And we can already give you a news: for all Milast users we have reserved a very special offer. Do you want to discover it? You can find it on, along with many other opportunities not to be missed.

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